I.  Economics - How  People Deal with Scarcity

  1. Fundamenals or Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand

  2. Tracking Consumer Choices

  3.  Producing the Right Stuff at the Right Way

II. Macroeconomics – Knowledge of Economic Growth and Stability

  1. How Economists Measure Macroeconomics

  2. Inflation – Why More Money Isn’t Always Good

  3. Understanding Why Recessions Happen

  4. Fighting Recessions with Monetary and Fiscal Policy


III. Microeconomics – Knowledge of Consumer and Firm Behaviour

  1. Supply and Demand

  2. Getting to Know Homo Economicus, the Utility-Maximizing Consumer

  3. The Core of Capitalism: The Profit-Maximizig Firm

  4. Free Markets and Competition

  5. Monopolies: How Badly Would You Behave Without Competition

  6. Oligopoy and Monopolistic Competition – Compete or Collude

  7. Property Rights and Wrongs

  8. Market Failure – Asymmetric Information and Public Goods

IV The Role of Banks

  1. Banks – Types & Tasks

  2. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Deutsche Bundesbank

  3. European Central Bank


V.   Financial Crises Then and Now

  1. The Great Depression and New Deal - 1929

  2. Globalized Finances - Banks go Bancrupt – 2007 and no End

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