Goddesses and Heroes in Ancient Mythology - The Glories of Greece and Rome


 Chaos and its Offspring * Children of the Earth and the Heavens * The Castration of Uranus

The Birth of Zeus * The Battles of the Gods * The Ages of Humankind * Olympus: Dwelling of the Gods

The First Couple: Zeus and Hera

Hades, God of the Underworld

Demeter’s Tale of Death and Rebirth

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Athene, Goddess of Good Counsel

Artemis, Virgin Huntress

Apollo, God of Light

Hermes, Fleet of Foot

The Realm of the Shades

Athens, City on the Hill

The Labours of Herakles

A Trojan Tragedy: Gathering the Host * The Wrath of Achilles * The Fall of Troy * The Heroes Come Home

Odysseus, the Wandering Hero

Aeneas, Founder of the Roman Race

Romulus – First Builder of Rome

Imperial Superman: Hero Myths as Parables of Power for Roman Emperors

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